Terrarium Products

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We are one of the largest exporters of terrarium products around the world.

To gain the best quality of the products we use first- rate raw materials such as coconut shells, coco peat, and coir fiber.

Out of using the coco peat and chips, we produce the terra brick, terra block, terra spider brick and low compress retail bags.

Both coconut husk chips and coir peat are widely used in the production since they are considered ideal substrates for animal bedding, depending on the customer requirement. 

We have a range of products like coconut shell hide outs for reptiles, frogs, lizards etc, to organic pads for natural floor bedding.

We assure that our terrarium products are eco friendly and more likely with the natural environment and it is easy to clean and maintain even in large cages.


Advantages of Terrarium Products

Terrariums are often used by scientific researchers to conduct studies for the purpose of studying large plants and animals at the table tops.

People who keep insects and small reptiles usually use terrariums for their charges, in order to ensure that the living environment simulate the natural environment of their pets to make them feel more comfortable. We could customized all products according to your requirements.  Accept private with bar cording for retails purpose and assortment shipments.