Coir Brushes

in Coco Fibre Products

Coir Brushes and Door mats are made out of tightly bound natural palm fiber and are strong and durable. Some are produced with PP fiber in different colors. We have a range of brushes to satisfy the customers according to their requirements. All our range of brushers are long lasting and environment friendly. We could either supply in bulk or retail orders.

  • We use natural coco fiber to give a quality product.
  • Packing will be arranged according to the customer requirement.
  • Brushes are available in convenient sizes.
  • All the productions are done according to the customer requirements and specifications.
  • Door mats/coir mats are available in two sizes and in different designs .They are produced out of coir brush rods with durable steel frames.


Tawashi brushes perfect for cleaning vegetables and crevasses of bowls- It’s comfortable for your palm. Brushes are named either on weight or size. Ex. 40g, 50g, 75g, 110g, 3”, 4”, 6” .

Shoe Brushes / handle Brushes - Help to clean your shoes, pans and bowls.

Body Brushes / Bath Brushes - This is also called as Skin Brushes. The gentle massaging motion of the bristles has a beneficial effect on areas of cellulite. This takes care of your skin and helps to break up fatty deposits.

Toilet Brushes- Help efficiently to clean the toilet to maintain hygiene.

Brooms / Banisters, Door Mats / Coir Mats - Coir doormats come in a wide range of designs. They are “natural”, effective and stay visually appealing longer than comparable synthetics products.