Compressed Coco Peat - 5kg

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Coco peat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks. It is a byproduct gained during the extraction of coir fiber from the coconut husk. Coco peat is a 100% natural, unique, spongy cellulose organic plant growing medium. This coco peat dried in the natural Sun and is processed to produce the compressed 5kg block. This makes an excellent growing medium for hydroponics or container plant growing. Clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. Coco peat has high water retention capacity to plant growth besides Coco peat is a cheap substitute and natural organic product. The agriculture industry described it as a fast growing medium

Coco peat is subject to washing, sieving, drying and graded before being processed into various Coco Coir Peat final products. It is consistent and uniform in texture. It is a completely homogenous         material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges that absorb and hold up to eight times its own weight in water. The natural pH of 5.5 to 6.5, plus an unusually high Cation Exchange  Capacity - and 27% of Easily Available Water assures that coir will hold and release nutrients in solution over extended periods without re watering.


Advantages of Coco peat

Water retention and drainage - Coco Peat holds water rather than shedding it like traditional peat does! It holds 8-9 times its weight in water. Since the material is fibrous, moisture drains well to the bottom of the container.

Low compaction - Tough, coarse fibers resist crushing. More airspace means more oxygen can reach roots. Containers filled with coco coir do not “settle” as is the case with peat moss and other soilless mediums.

Low maintenance - Coco requires less maintenance than usual potting mixes because it retains    moisture and nutrients. It can be combined with any of the normal ingredients and use as a mixer or a stand-alone product.

Environmentally-friendly - Coco peat is a 100% natural and biodegradable.  And has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is important for healthy root development.

Disease-resistance - Less humidity due to good drainage means fewer diseases strike seedlings grown in coco. It makes a great bedding material for worm bins.  It's actually good for them and increases worm growth by 25%. It has a pH of 5.5-6.5 which is neutral to slightly acidic making it great for alkaline garden soils.

Nutrient balance - High-quality coco coir is known to have a neutral pH balance. Calcium and       magnesium, and especially potassium, are part of coco’s make up, Even if you want a mixture made to order, you can choose to receive it in the form of a compressed block. All you have to do is wet the blocks, at which point they will swell up