Coco Peat Disc

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Coco Peat Disks are a carefully blended potting soil. When the disc is wet, it swells up to produce the required potting soil mixture. All you need to do is place the disc in a bucket or pot and the water will do the rest. These compressed Coco peat discs are ideal for home and commercial hydroponics to give excellent results for a variety of potted plants.


Advantages of Coco peat Disk

These discs are suitable for seed rising, seedlings or sapling at initial stages and an excellent growing medium for well grown plants. No fertilizer requirement makes this disc popular for faster seed-germination while maintaining the moisture in roots of plants.

Coco peat discs prevent plant root from direct exposure to sunlight. The coir fibre discs check the growth of weeds in the plant foot and prevent the exposure of soil nutrient to weeds. These coir discs protect the essential elements of the soil and help the roots access to more air flow.

Excellent air filled porosity, efficient water holding ability, and efficient growth of root system of flower plants are enhanced by these discs, affecting the plant’s ability to produce bigger, more colorful     flowers and healthy leaves.


Why Go Green

Go Green offer its customers total flexibility for its Compressed Coco Peat discs across several market sectors by supplying large volumes to growers of many crops as a potting soil, shipped in compressed format.

A leader in coir discs and has long standing relationships with growers and retail brands for the home consumer and hydroponics markets; where our coco peat discs can be found in Best Selling             Horticultural Retail Products Worldwide.

We are well used to working to a very tight schedule and are flexible for customers needing a quick turnaround for customized coco discs or pellet product designs, to manufacture and delivery; at the highest quality.

For professional growers, we can offer discs to suit each stage of plant development from propagation to pot on into larger pots. Coco peat discs are incredibly easy to use, lightweight, and practical to setup in a glasshouse, field or home environment.

We can design and manufacture a disc to fill any size of plant pot volume and diameter for popular pot sizes we have discs available in a very wide range. They can be packed loose in master carton or 12 discs per pack.