Coir Geotextile (Coco Net)

in Coco Fibre Products

Geo-textiles are made of pure coir, drawn from the husk of the coconut without adding any synthetic material, and a 100% natural product. It is used as a Blanket to prevent soil erosion, accelerates growth of vegetation on banks and slopes. The distinctive feature compared to conventional geo textiles is that it is used for soil stabilization, reinforcement, and landscaping and erosion control.

Since coir fiber is naturally resistant to rot, moulds and moisture, it needs no chemical treatment. They are hard and strong; it can be spun and woven into matting. They also have the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion, while allowing vegetation to flourish. They can dissipate the energy of flowing water and absorb the excess solar radiation. They are for all soil bioengineering and erosion control applications in stream banks, slopes, wetlands, hillside soils and golf course development.


Advantages of Coir Geotextile (Coco Net)

Geotextiles have been named as Best Management Practice by many Environmental and Governmental Organizations in helping reduce soil loss and establish new vegetation. They are widely used for civil engineering applications and slope stabilization applications as a mechanical strength that is necessary to hold soil in place and prevent erosion. The nettings break up the runoff and dissipate the energy of flowing water. Coir also promotes the establishment of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing drying out of the top soil and seeds.


Why Go Green

Beyond helping you to cope with existing issues, the items reduce future maintenance needs for live plants as they promote the development of stronger root systems, and also work well in areas of limited access, since they’re easy to install.

Our Geo-textile nets have a lifespan of about five years, and even as they decompose, the process naturally enriches the surrounding soil. These nettings work to interrupt water run-off and encourage new growth by preventing the soil from becoming overly dry.


They are 100% biodegradable, coir geotextile mats are manufactured using hand twisted yarn as well as machine spun twine. Apart from above standard specification, product can be tailor made to suit the customer specifications. As an example: Coir Net can be supplied with multiple of 1 meter width (with joint) and length up to 50 meters. On special request we could produce 2 meters without joint and length same as 50 meters.

Choose from three grades, most common are 400g/sqm, 700g/sqm & 900g/sqm geo textiles but we can supply between 300g/sqm to 1000g/sqm based on the requirement. The weight per square meter is controlled by changing the type of twine used and number of twines used. Contacting our local agents can provide further guidance about how to make a purchase that’ll fit your needs. Our coir nets for soil erosion is the ideal solution to deal with issues in a way that makes sense, because they shield plants from further damage, and promote future growth, too.